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A number of explanations constitute complements to the covenant and aim at informing the readers and industries about the actual view on and interpretation of various covenant articles. These explanations are enlargements based on progressing insight and experience. They are dynamic and can be updated intermediately. That's why they are not distributed in printed form, but can be downloaded in the most recent state of the art. Most explanations are available in English.

Explanation 1: Benchmarkconsultant WORD-document 52 Kb)
Explanation 2: Participation in the Benchmark (WORD-document 53 Kb)
Explanation 3: Comparability of Processes and Corrections (WORD-document 53 Kb)
Explanation 4: Accuracy and Reliability (WORD-document 49 Kb)
Explanation 5: Autonomous Development (Dutch version) (PDF - 73 Kb)
Explanation 6: Profitability Calculation (Dutch version) (PDF - 76 Kb)
Explanation 6: Appendix (Excel - 76 Kb)
Explanation 7: How to draw up the Energy Plan - Dutch version (WORD-document 1.02MB)
Explanation 8: Staying at the Best International Standard (WORD-document 54 Kb)
Explanation 9: CHP - Dutch version (PDF 62 Kb)
Explanation 9: Appendix - Dutch version (Excel - 22 Kb)
Explanation 10: Terms and Data in the Covenant (WORD-document 133 Kb)
Explanation 11: Regions in the Region Method (WORD-document 52 Kb)
Explanation 12: Auditing (WORD-document 92 Kb)
Explanation 13: Raw materials & fuels - Dutch version (WORD-document 1.244 Kb)
Explanation 14: Aftopping (PDF-document 43 Kb)
Explanation 15: How to draw up the Monitoring Report 2011 (Dutch version) (WORD-document 115 Kb)
Explanation 16: 2nd period of the covenant - use of the methods (Dutch version - in revision) (WORD-document 55 Kb)
Explanation 17: Alternative Measures - Dutch version (PDF-document 218 Kb)
Explanation 17: Appendix I - Explanation 1 - Dutch version (PDF-document 86 Kb)
Explanation 18: How to deal with the Economic Crisis - Dutch version (PDF-document 58 Kb)

Given the complexity and scope of the matter it is not always possible to understand the information on the "how" and "why" of a certain approach in the explanations. For additional questions and more background information we refer in the first place to your representative in the Commission Benchmarking. Of course the Verification Office, that is charged with the implementation of the explanations, can also provide you with the necessary information and explanation.

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